What is RMM?

Everything is abreviated these days!  Here’s a new one for you:  RMM.

RMM stands for Recreational Music Making.  Its a new and exciting approach to learning the piano.  It was created specifically for adults who have always wanted to play the piano.  It requires no talent and only an openness to try new things with a group of other adults in a fun and stress-free environment.

Not only do RMM students get to learn how to play the piano, they also receive a number other benefits from the program – new friends, stress relief, wellness, a creative outlet, happiness, balance, coordination, among many others!

Almost 2 years ago, my local music store, asked me to help start an RMM program in their store.  I traveled to Corpus Christi, Texas and was trained in the Musical Moments RMM program by Debra Perez.

I have always loved teaching piano to children, but in the last 2 years I have discovered how fulfilling it is to teach adults as well.  Many of my adult students have told me that learning piano has changed their life!  Music really does make life better!




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