Meet An RMM Student: Brenda

This post is the first in a series of interviews of RMM students.  Brenda began learning piano using the RMM approach in January 2011.


What made you decide to start taking piano at this point in your life?
While I’ve always thought I wanted to learn to play the piano, I probably would have not attempted it if I hadn’t met Megan; she encouraged me to try it and that’s the little push I needed.

How did you feel before you began?
I was very excited to have my first lesson, and a little nervous – mostly because I didn’t know what to expect.  But I couldn’t wait to start and I still look forward to every lesson.

What has surprised you about learning piano?
The biggest surprise has been that even though a particular piece seems beyond my abilities…..if I will just slow down and continue to play, I do eventually master it.  It’s a great confidence builder!

What is the best part about learning piano?
It’s something for me to do “just for me”.  I don’t particularly want an audience – I enjoy sitting down and practicing – sometimes for just 10 minutes – other times for 45 minutes.  It’s “my time”.

What is the hardest part about learning piano?
I want to play well – right now.  I tend to get a little frustrated and have to remember I’ve only been taking lessons for 7 months.  I’m looking forward to next year at this time and hope to feel much better about my progress.

How has music made your life better?
I’ve always loved music – mostly singing.  It’s my goal to be able to accompany myself and maybe grandkids, someday!


  1. Nicole Dyson-Smith

    I like the redesigned website! I can identify with loving adult students….they have been some of my most inspirational and exciting students over the years. Hope you have a great new start in Tulsa!

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